Making a difference to our planet


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We are proud to be fully committed to making sure our planet is healthy for present and future generations. We are conscious about our waste, the beautiful ocean and all its creatures, the fuel and resources we use, and our local community.

Behind the scenes

Our commitment to sustainability

Fresh water

Our state-of-the-art reverse osmosis desalination plant processes ocean water to supply us with safe fresh water from every tap. We also have a water bottling plant which allows us to bottle our own drinking water into reusable glass bottles.


All of the power on the island is supplied by a soundproof, energy efficient diesel generator. It not only ensures our power supply stays reliable, but will always exceed demand.


Glass containers and metal cans are crushed and transformed back into sand and small particles. Fallen leaves, cut grass and seaweed provides natural fertilizer for the chef garden’s delicious organic produce.


Our nursery enables us to grow more colorful flora to later plant around the island. Most of the island's landscape is left to naturally evolve, however, we have spent time removing poisonous Manchineel trees and replacing them with banana, almond, papaya and citrus trees.

Our chef garden

In line with our “farm-to-fork” philosophy, many of the fruits, vegetables and herbs used in our dishes are grown in our organic chef garden. With over four hundred chickens on the island, there is no shortage of fresh eggs for our morning breakfasts or, more importantly, our homemade ice cream!

Children's Scholarship Fund

Our scholarship fund supports the children of our employees with their education. The financial support helps children as young as three years old, up to university undergraduates.

Reef restoration

Reef regeneration is a crucial step towards creating a designated marine protected area around Petit St. Vincent. As part of our coral restoration project, in partnership with the Philip Stephenson Foundation and CLEAR Caribbean, we have constructed a coral nursery using fragments of Elkhorn coral collected from around the island. Once grown, the outcrops of juvenile coral will be used to repopulate nearby reefs on the Atlantic side of the island.