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Harnessing the healing power of nature

Our traditional Balinese-inspired treatments harness the power of all-natural botanicals. Each one combines a unique blend of aromatherapy oils with healing herbs, spices and plants sourced from the Caribbean and Asia.


  • Island Haze

    A gentle but thorough massage specifically devised for sensitive skin. After using long palm strokes and thumb pressure, warm aromatherapy oils are then poured onto the center of the body and massaged into the skin to relieve tired muscles.

    60 minutes - $155 | 90 minutes - $190

  • Balinese

    A medium strong, deep tissue massage that applies thumb, palm and forearm pressure with firm strokes using a unique blend of essential oils with warming qualities. This massage will help to stimulate blood circulation, improve energy flow and relieve tension.

    60 minutes - $165 | 90 minutes - $200

  • Warm Stone

    A therapeutic, full body massage using aromatherapy oils and warm volcanic stones to relieve deep muscle tension.

    60 minutes - $165 | 90 minutes - $200

  • Shirodhara

    Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic treatment that uses the warm and consistent flow of aromatic oils on the forehead or “third eye”, the chakra point just above and between the eyebrows, as well as over the scalp and hair to create a blissful sensation.

    60 minutes - $165

  • Island Fusion

    A medium strong massage, without the use of oil, that is based on traditional Thai massage techniques. Palm and thumbs are applied to pressure points to relieve tired muscles and improve blood circulation. Please wear a two-piece outfit.

    60 minutes - $165 | 90 minutes - $200

  • Back Massage

    For those who spend long hours working at a desk, this massage will serve as the perfect answer. The therapist will iron out any underlying tension to relieve back pain.

    30 minutes - $85

  • Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi

    Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi is a deep, full body massage performed by two therapists using four hands simultaneously. Using coconut oil to loosen stressed muscles, graceful strokes are then applied with the thumbs, palms, and elbows in a synchronized rhythm over the entire body, leaving the body completely relaxed, refreshed and revitalized.

    60 minutes - $255

Massage for couples

  • Ocean Romance

    Together you will be welcomed to your treatment room, a private sanctuary to share in this truly relaxing experience. Complete body pampering starts with a foot bath and warm foot massage, followed by an exfoliating Lulur scrub, containing turmeric, rice flour, sandalwood, ylang ylang and frangipani essence. Our therapists will then restore freshness and vitality with a traditional Balinese massage. The treatment finishes with a choice of a deluxe facial or manicure for her and a choice of reflexology or deluxe pedicure for him.

    150 minutes - $565 per couple

Body scrubs

  • Coconut Scrub

    This simple, natural exfoliating scrub is made from coconut and rice and very rich in vitamin E, giving your skin the nutrition it needs as well as helping to soften your complexion.

    45 minutes - $95

  • Cinnamon Scrub

    Our cinnamon body scrub is a deeply fragrant, sweet and spicy combination of cinnamon powder and aloe vera extract.

    45 minutes - $85

  • Marni Scrub

    Suitable for all skin types, this body scrub is made up of a combination of jasmine, ginger and lemongrass powder to aid in the prevention of skin disorders.

    45 minutes - $95

  • After Sun Soother

    Using fresh aloe plants from our own garden, this aloe treatment will bring instant relief from sun exposure and sooth your skin. Aloe is an intensive moisturizer that hydrates and softens dry, sensitive or flaky skin.

    60 minutes - $125


  • Island Cleansing

    This signature facial treatment consists of a purifying scrub and a hydrating mask to revialize the skin, providing deep cleansing for all skin types. Included with this treatment is a head, neck and arm massage to enhance relaxation.

    60 minutes - $165

  • Fruit Facial

    This facial is designed for cleansing, toning and exfoliating, first with a face massage and then a mask. Using fruit, aloe vera, St. Vincentian honey, almond scrub and oatmeal, this mask will leave the skin feeling fresh and cool. Please book a day before.

    60 minutes - $120

  • Anti-ageing

    This facial for mature, drying skin is designed to reverse the signs of fatigue, wrinkles and fine lines. The therapist will use a firming massage technique on your face followed by a mask with skin tightening effects to leave you absolutely radiant.

    60 minutes - $190

Hand and foot treatments

  • Hand Essential

    Keep your hand and nails in tip-top condition by having your nails trimmed and shaped after a relaxing hand massage and before your application of nail polish or nail buff.

    50 minutes - $105

  • Foot Essential

    Give your feet the attention that they deserve with this foot care treatment, followed by a relaxing foot massage and ending with a neat application of nail polish or buff.

    50 minutes - $105

  • Relaxing Foot Massage

    This healing foot therapy is highly recommended for those with tired legs and feet. The massage aids in alleviating stress and boosting body circulation.

    45 minutes - $90

  • Hand Royale

    Before your nails are trimmed and shaped, an intensive, nourishing hand scrub and mask treatment will help to renew the skin and to prevent premature ageing. During the mask treatment, a head and shoulder massage will be performed. Nail painting or buffing perfect the picture.

    75 minutes - $155

  • Foot Royale

    The treatment begins with a routine of cleansing and conditioning followed by relaxing massage. A foot mask wraps up this indulgent pedicure experience. Walk away with polished feet thanks to an application of nail painting or buffing.

    75 minutes - $155

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