Fitness activities at Petit St. Vincent


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For those who are in search of an action-packed getaway, or simply want to work on their fitness, we have plenty of facilities available.

Begin the day with a hike to the summit of Marni Hill for breathtaking panoramic views, enjoy a full body workout with our 20-station outdoor calisthenic fitness trail, or perfect your serve on our floodlit tennis courts. And if you're keen to enjoy a round of golf during your stay, head to the nearby Canouan Island and play on one of the most picturesque courses in the Grenadines.

Activities at Petit St. Vincent

Stay active


Take advantage of the cooler temperatures in the morning or late afternoon and hike up the winding path to the 275ft. summit of Marni Hill. You'll be rewarded with stunning panoramic views of the surrounding archipelago and Caribbean sea.

Fitness trail

Our outdoor calisthenic fitness trail is spread across the beaches and nearby natural woodlands. With 20 different stations, it targets all areas of the body. Should you need any guidance, our on-site fitness guru will be on hand to help you get the best from your workout.


If you're a keen jogger, a spin around the internal perimeter of the island should take no longer than half an hour at a leisurely pace. It is also a great way to see, and perhaps pick, a favorite spot to relax on one of the island’s stunning white-sand beaches.


Our flood-lit tennis court is available to reserve along with complimentary rackets and balls. Practice your technique or, if you're feeling competitive, play a match with some of our other resort guests.


If you're looking to play a little golf during your stay, you can visit the 18-hole course on nearby Canouan Island. Just let our team know that you wish to play a few rounds and we’ll arrange everything.


The Petit St. Vincent soccer team trains at least three times a week for the local inter-island tournaments. They practice on the green during the cooler afternoon hours and guests are always welcome to join in the fun.