Petit. St Vincent

Covid-19 information

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As a remote private island with spread out standalone villas and open air public areas, Petit St Vincent may be just about the perfect place to vacation during a pandemic. After all, we’ve been social distancing for over 50 years. There are no lobbies or check-in, no room keys, our restaurants are open air with tables far apart, limited traffic of guests and staff — all these plus our warm, sunny, even humid conditions are said to repress the spread of viruses of most types.

Due to our isolated location and procedures adopted to combat COVID, our island has been designated a “bubble zone” by the St Vincent government.  This allows our guests to visit with less restrictions than other parts of the country.

The rules currently in force require that:-

1. Guests must arrive in country at either Union Island or Canouan Island airports by private charter or our dedicated Mustique Airways service (which our office will be glad to arrange for you if we haven’t already done so);

2. Guests that are transiting through Barbados will be required to fill out their online ‘Arrival Form’, within 24 hours of your flight to Barbados. You’ll receive a confirmation receipt that you’ll need to print and hand carry.

3. Please also fill out St Vincent & the Grenadines online arrival form, within 24 hours of your flight, , please print and hand carry.

4. Arriving guests must present a negative PCR test taken within the last 3 days;

5. For fully vaccinated guests, you’ll be able to able to enjoy all facilities from your arrival.

6. For unvaccinated, or partially vaccinated, you’ll receive a PCR test on arrival at PSV, by our on-island nurse, (current cost is $180 per person, per test);

7. Guests are free to move around PSV while awaiting the results of their arrival PCR test, subject to social distancing & wearing of masks in public indoor areas, social distancing while outside, and close-quarters socializing only within your group of family or friends.

8. Whilst dining in either of our two restaurants, during this initial 48hour period, unvaccinated guests are to use masks when to and from, especially when near other guests and staff members.

9. The spa, dive center and trips on “Beauty” will be available to guests once their PCR test-on-arrival results come back (estimated two days),.

In preparation for your departure and return to your home country, our on-island nurse will arrange a PCR test for you 24hours before your departure, providing you with the necessary paperwork to return home. (current cost is $180 per person, per test);

We believe these government mandated requirements, PSV’s natural characteristics of being a large, spread-out and outdoor resort, and our enhanced sanitary procedures, listed below, will significantly reduce (though of course not eliminate) COVID-19 risks.

Despite these precautions, guests need to understand there are “no guarantees” and that they must  assume risks relating to the COVID-19 virus including (a) the health risks of contracting the virus, including serious sickness or fatality, (b) the inferiority or even complete unavailability of medical care in remote regions like ours, (c) the potential inability of air carriers (public or private) or medical evacuation companies to transport those infected with COVID, (d) cancellations or modifications of  planned itineraries due to airline schedule changes, government regulations or quarantines, or positive COVID test results.

Please contact us if you have any questions.  We look forward to welcoming you to PSV

Enhanced Sanitary Procedures

Realizing vacationing is now a delicate balance between maintaining physical health but also the emotional need to get away from the daily grind, in consultation with health professionals and hospitality industry leaders, PSV is also doing these things to protect guests and staff:

1. Deep cleaning

Rooms will continue to be serviced twice a day but with special attention paid to using alcohol based cleansers on high use surfaces, rooms (including the spa) will also be electrostatic disinfectant sprayed between guests’ bookings.
Public areas, inc bar tops, restaurant chairs and other high traffic areas will be cleaned more frequently and using a Peroxide Multi Surface Disinfectant.

2. Hand washing

Hand sanitizers will be scattered throughout the property, on boats and in guest rooms. Our team have been trained with the new guidelines of washing their hands for longer and even more often than normal; we all understand the importance to ourselves and others of this precaution.

3. Temperature checks

Staff will be checked for temperature daily before reporting to work. Those with over 100.4F/38C will be asked to stay home and, if the condition persists more than 48 hours, to leave the island for a minimum 14 day quarantine period.

4. Masks

Food service, housekeeping and spa staff will wear masks at work.

During the initial 48hours, whilst awaiting your PCR test-on-arrival results, mask use for guests is mandatory in public indoor areas, ‘Front Office & Boutique’, or when in the vicinity of other people outside of your own group, social distancing must be followed at all times.

On receipt of negative test-on-arrival results use of masks is optional, except  when in enclosed public spaces (front office and boutique).

5. Dining & social distancing

Lunches will be served daily in the Beach Restaurant from 12- 4 (or at your room or beach palapa, as always.) Beach Bar service will continue with social distancing of 6 feet between family/friend groups.

Dinner will be served daily in both the Main Restaurant and Beach Restaurant as well as our normal Room Service.

The Island will not be allowing visiting yachtsmen or general public ashore until further notice.

Guests are free to move around PSV while awaiting the results of their arrival PCR test, subject to social distancing & wearing of masks in public indoor areas, social distancing while outside, and close-quarters socialising only within your group of family or friends.

We believe these necessary changes will help keep everyone safe but still enjoying their vacation in the same style and with the same high level of service we have become known for.

6. Goaty’s Beach Bar and Restaurant

To ensure the safety of our team and resort guests and to adhere to current government regulations Goaty’s will be closed to the outside public and yachting community until further notice.

The entire island will stay private.