Petit St. Vincent Private Island Resort

Our award winning island hideaway has been a favorite destination in the Caribbean for those looking to escape and unwind.

115 acres of soft rolling hills, sandy white beaches and lush tropical flora await you.

Called one of the world's most enchanting hideaways, Petit St. Vincent offers an unparalleled vacation for people who seek privacy amid natural beauty, coupled with the luxurious comforts and service of a stellar resort.

Getting There

Your Caribbean island getaway at Petit St. Vincent resort is just hours away. Find out the best arrangement for traveling to this little gem via plane or boat.
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Island Map

Our illustrative island map will help to familiarize you with the location of our 22 private accommodations, two restaurants, beaches, hillside spa and more—all within short walking distance
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The delicate ecosystem surrounding our tropical island is important for us to preserve. Find out what PSV is doing to ensure that our private island remains to be a sustainable resort.
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Island History

The fascinating story behind the discovery of this once uninhabited island began in 1966. Read about how three adventurers with a bold vision sparked the creation of our exclusive hideaway resort.
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Employee Highlight

We’d like to highlight one particular member of the team that has just clocked in an incredible fifty years of service.
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