Petit St. Vincent Island Map

Petit St. Vincent Island Map

Navigate the island of Petit St. Vincent
with our illustrative fold-out map.

Petit St. Vincent lies 40 miles south of St. Vincent in the Grenadines—a group of islands sprinkled across what may be the most beautiful stretch of water in the Caribbean. 

To help familiarize you with the location of Petit St. Vincent, the front of our island map has a schematic of the West Indies and the surrounding Grenadine islands along with latitude and longitude coordinates. Part of the Windward Island chain, the Grenadines drift southwesterly from St. Vincent, the largest of more than 30 islands that make up the nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Cooled by the trade winds, Petit St. Vincent sits 12 ĚŠ32’ north of the equator for a perfect climate all year long.

On the flip side of the map, you will see the locations our 22 accommodations, main beaches, two restaurants and hillside spa. When you arrive on Petit St. Vincent a complementary map will be available for you to keep. Or if you like, you can download the map here.

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