Petit St. Vincent Eco-Sustainability

Petit St. Vincent Resort is committed to protecting the pristine environment of the island and its surrounding coral reefs.

Petit St. Vincent Eco-Sustainability

PSV joins the National Geographic's Unique Lodges of the World collection.

Petit St. Vincent is now proud to be part of a collection of 25 boutique hotels around the world committed to sustainability, authenticity and excellence. 

"We’re thrilled to be recognized by National Geographic as a leader in sustainability and service", says owner Phil Stephenson. Below are some innovative methods we are using to improve our “behind the scenes” house services.

Fresh Water

Our new and more effective state-of-the-art reverse osmosis desalination plant processes ocean water, supplying us with safe fresh water to use and drink from every tap. It is also much quieter and more energy efficient. We have also just installed a water bottling plant on island, allowing us to bottle our own drinking water into reusable glass bottles, rather than importing to the island plastic bottled water from other islands.


Power production is facilitated with the addition of a new, soundproof generator.
A new, quieter and more efficient diesel generator has been installed to ensure our power supply stays reliable and exceeds demand.

Reef Restoration

This summer PSV started a coral restoration and reef monitoring project on the Atlantic side of the island. Over the last eighteen months, with help from the Philip Stephenson Foundation and CLEAR Caribbean, we conducted a number of water quality tests as well as surveys to determine the most suitable location for the first coral nursery. In early June of this past year, we constructed and installed our first project site, consisting of six tables anchored at a depth of 10 feet in a sandy bottom near former coral outcrops about 150 feet from the shore. The tables have been populated with fragments of Elkhorn coral (Acropora palmata) collected from around the island.

After about nine months the coral will be transferred to the reef inside the newly designated "restoration zone". The expectation is that the outcrops of juvenile coral will help repopulate the reefs in the area, which will continue to be monitored and increasingly protected. Helping the reefs regenerate is a crucial conservation step on the way to ultimately creating an effective, well-managed and enforced, designated marine protected area around PSV.

You are welcome to snorkel off the Atlantic pier to have a look, but please do not touch the coral nursery. If you would like to know more about this project or help us restore reefs and marine life around PSV please ask us how you can get involved during your next visit.

Our Chef Garden

We continue to revamp our ever-expanding organic chef garden which supplies a large portion of our produce to the kitchen. This helps to bring us a few steps closer to the concept of “farm-to-fork”, as well as adding nutritious, fresh, and flavorful ingredients to the delicious cuisine prepared by our chefs.

With over two hundred organic chickens on the island, there is no shortage of fresh eggs for our morning breakfasts or more importantly, our homemade ice cream! Visiting children are welcome to help collect the eggs from the coop accompanied by our grounds-man during daily morning visits.

Part of our garden expansion plan has also been to remove the poisonous Manchineel trees and replace them with banana, almond, papaya and a variety of citrus trees.


Glass containers and metal cans are being disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner by crushing and transforming them back into sand and small particles. An efficient, composting of fallen leaves, cut grass and seaweed provides natural fertilizer for the chef garden’s delicious organic produce.


Landscaping is a constant preoccupation here on PSV and there is always more planting taking place. We have a new nursery that enables us to help along the growth of more colorful flora to later plant around the island. Some guest areas are tended to while most of the island is simply allowed to continue on is natural path.

Children Scholarship Fund

The island’s owners, Phil and Robin, have set up a new scholarship fund to help along the children of the employees with financial support for their education. This well received assistance supports children as young as three years old, up to university undergraduates.

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