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Barefoot Chic

December 2019 Petit St Vincent isn't easy to get to, but it's well worth the trip.
It takes some effort to get to Petit St. Vincent. Located in the Grenadines, an island chain in the southernmost part of the Caribbean, the 115-acre private island is accessed by a near full day of travel that includes at least two flights depending on where you are coming from), followed by a boat ride to the island's dock.

Once at the 22-villa, barefoot-chic resort, however, all that travel stress melts away–which is why guests have been coming here for years, and why they tend to stay put for a while once they arrive.

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The Boston Globe

Unplugged and Liking It. (Unlocked? Not So Much)

November 2019 Here’s how it went down at the ultimate island resort.
It sounds like a game of “Would you rather.” As in, would you rather go to a gorgeous island in the Caribbean if it meant no Internet, no text messaging, and no locks on the door? Or would you rather stay home?

First, we’ll set the stage. The island in question is Petit St. Vincent, home to a luxury resort that’s been called one of the world’s most enchanting hideaways. Lapped by the aqua waters of the Caribbean Sea on one side, and the wild Atlantic on the other side, the humpy green island of Petit St. Vincent sits between St. Lucia and Grenada. The 115-acre volcano-borne island and the resort are one in the same — this private island is owned by the resort, and it’s part of the island country of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

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The Telegraph

Petit St Vincent: The Perfect Private Island Resort

November 2019 Tucked away at the southern tip of St Vincent and The Grenadines, this enchanting single-resort island is ideal for a carefree and romantic beach break.

Why it's specialLarge enough to explore, small enough to feel intimate, Petit St Vincent is all about enjoying some Caribbean downtime in a privately owned paradise, blessed with uncrowded white sand beaches, lush tropical forest and luxurious open-plan accommodation. There's been a resort here since 1968, a heritage evident in its faithful and ever-cheery staff and the venerable blue-and-white mokes that transport guests around the island's 115 acres. The 22 stone cottages are built for privacy (you need to raise a flag to get service), but there's plenty of interaction and activities when you fancy it, including a running track with outdoor gym stations, a Jean-Michel Cousteau Dive Centre, a Balinese spa and open-air yoga classes. Top of the to-do list should be a day-sail aboard the immaculately kept 49ft sloop, Beauty, a good look at the wine cellar – stocked with some 200 labels – and a private dinner at an island location of your choice.

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The Telegraph

Beyond the Beach: 10 Caribbean Adventures for Restless Travellers

November 2019 Luxury Castaway 
With high-end levels of service and a peaceful, low-key atmosphere, Petit St. Vincent is a private 115-acre resort island in the south of the Grenadine archipelago with a collection of  22 one or two-bedroom cottages which overlook pristine beaches.

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USA Today Go Escape

Soak Up the Solitude

Winter 2020 Enjoy the Perfectly Private PSV
From afar, you may not be impresssed. Petit St. Vincent (PSV) looks like a green hump of land as you approach it by ferry from Union Island, about 6 miles from the destination. Then, a series of cottages emerges, built into the hillside and bluffs and along the beach. That's when things begin to look promising. And, when you're whisked by golf-cart to you stone-and-harwood abode through a whorl of sweet-scented tropical blooms, you realize your're in for something special.

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Daily Hive

11 Under-the-Radar Destinations to Hit Before They Become the Next Big Thing

October 2019 Petit St. Vincent, St. Vincent, and the Grenadines
If you’re in the market for a digital detox (and one that redefines the meaning of “Out of Office”), St. Vincent and the Grenadines has the perfect option for you. The island of Petit St. Vincent is the epitome of a secluded and unplugged private paradise. On site, you will find two yoga pavilions along with a luxury spa and wellness centre. Activities on this private island paradise include kayaking, sailing, snorkelling, and hiking. The idea here is to go completely off the grid — rather than phones or the Internet, guests communicate with staff through coloured flags.

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The Telegraph

The Best Caribbean Islands – Our Expert's Ultimate Guide

October 2019 The article refers to a range of islands across the Caribbean, and specifically mentions Petit St. Vincent under the heading, ‘The best of the rest.’ 
Petit St Vincent is described as an 
‘exclusive, single-hotel private island.’

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Coastal Living

The Best All-Inclusive Beach Resorts in the World

October 2019 With 22 one-bedroom cottages and two-bedroom beach villas that are open-air and blissfully wifi-free, it’s supremely easy to unplug on this 115-acre private island with two miles of white-sand beaches in the Grenadines archipelago. What’s more, a second world of delights awaits beneath the surface of the Caribbean: Petit St. Vincent is home to an excellent dive program created by Jean-Michel Cousteau in 2015. Rates start at $1,260 per night.

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The Caribbean Journal

Where to Stay in St Vincent and the Grenadines

September 2019 Petit St Vincent Raise a glass—and a flag for Petit St Vincent, a.k.a. PSV, one of our favorite private island resorts in the Caribbean. The resort’s 22 stone and wood cottages are widely scattered over the 115-acre island, which is constantly roamed by staff keeping an eye out for the yellow flags raised by occupants in need of food, drink, or other amenities. Otherwise, keep the red flag up and you’ll be left alone to enjoy the splendid isolation unless you want to venture down to the main resort hub for dinner, beach, spa, a game of tennis, or a hike to the 275-foot summit of Marni Hill. Rates include food and activities, but not alcoholic drinks or spa treatments and tours.

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Marie Claire

Why A Stay on the Private Island of Petit St Vincent Will Restore Your Sanity

September 2019 Coveting a dreamy digital detox? Petit St Vincent, an exclusive Caribbean retreat, is the ultimate destination to disconnect, writes Christine Leech.

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The Telegraph Online

Life unplugged: Disconnecting in the Caribbean at Petit St Vincent

August 2019 “I’m not going for a run,” my partner sighed. “If it’s not on Strava, it just doesn’t count.” I laughed. We had travelled to the private island resort of Petit St. Vincent in St Vincent and the Grenadines for a short break after a week in Orlando. Specifically, for a break from technology.
I find it difficult to switch off – especially from work emails, even when four and a half thousand miles away – while my partner records every move he makes on apps and can’t start his day without scrolling through the headlines for at least 10 minutes.

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Women's Health

Petit St. Vincent: I learnt to Free Dive on this Crazy Caribbean Break

August 2019 Yes, That means holding your breath the whole time.

"Within seconds of my first dive, I found myself surrounded by fish, stingrays and starfish. A few days later, I was swimming with turtles in the sand-bottomed lagoon of Tobago Cays"

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Haute Living

10 Private Summer Retreats For The World’s Wealthiest

July 2019 Like Necker Island, Caribbean retreat Petit St. Vincent can be booked in full. Those seeking the ultimate privacy will experience all the resort has to offer: two restaurants and bars, an extensive wine cellar, a Balinese-managed hillside spa and wellness center, seven beautiful beaches and over 130 staff members dedicated just to you. Yes, really.

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Vera Magazine

A Drop in the Ocean

June 2019 You don't have to be Aquaman to try and save the seas. We join the unsung heroes on a mission to protect the Caribbean's marine life.

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Women's Health

Take To The Water - Caribbean

May 2019

The article focuses on the free diving experience with Hanli Prinsloo and praises Petit St. Vincent for being the ideal set-up for such a special trip. The Balinese spa tucked away in the treetops and the stunning open-air rooms are highlighted alongside the 20-station fitness trail.

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Robb Report

13 Secret Beaches for a Clandestine Getaway

April 2019 You won't have to share the sand at these hidden paradises around the world.

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Living Barbados Magazine

Natural Luxury

April 2019 A private island escape in St. Vincent and the Grenadine yields rustic glamour with a spritz of ritz.

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Esquire Magazine

Petit St. Vincent: The Island Paradise Where 'Digital Detoxing' Makes Perfect Sense

April 2019 Go Wifi free in this cleverly designed corner of the Caribbean.
The trend for ‘digital detoxing’ presents the travel industry with an interesting challenge. In 2019 we all claim to want to escape the tyranny of our smartphones, and a holiday should be the perfect opportunity. But when it really comes down to it, how serious are we? Can anywhere – no matter how luxurious or fun – make the prospect of literally 'switching off' palatable? Or to put it more philosophically: does a cocktail served at sunset taste good if no one is there to like it on Instagram?

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The London Economic

Finding Comfort in Solitude (away from Brexit) on the Tiny Caribbean Island or Petit St. Vincent

March 2019 The article describes Petit St. Vincent as ‘paradise’ offering ‘a (semi) digital detox resort,’ whilst highlighting the island’s ‘fancy rooftop spa, a 4,000-bottle wine cellar, two high-end restaurants,’ and ‘dive centre run by Jacques Cousteau’s son.’ The journalist concludes, ‘island life is definitely for me,’ overall positioning Petit St. Vincent as the perfect escape from reality.

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Euro News

Meeting with Jean-Michel Cousteau in Petit St. Vincent

March 2019 Euro News praises Petit St. Vincent for its ‘pristine white beaches’ and describing each villa as, ‘perfect in its isolation.’ In addition, the island’s involvement with marine conservation and a ‘state-of-the-art’ desalination plant is highlighted. Overall, the vibe is described as, ‘refreshing isolation,’ with a strong focus on sustainability and ecotourism, ‘PSV manages to retain its authenticity through a sincere dedication to and appreciation of what makes it so special.’

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The London Economic

Petit St Vincent: Hotel Review

March 2019 Petit St. Vincent gets top marks in every category including location, rooms, services and food and drink. Petit St. Vincent is described as a ‘James-Bond-style private island’ where guests are able to unwind and enjoy the various activities on offer. The ‘West Indian-inspired cottages’ are described as being ‘wrapped in colourful flowers and shrubbery’ some of which have ‘their own private beaches,’ and all ‘cleverly designed to merge into the surrounding landscape.’ The ‘exceptional’ room service is highly praised as ‘PSV’s biggest selling point’ whilst the food and drink are equally commended. Highlights include the ‘cracking piňa coladas’ and breakfast being described as the ‘most impressive meal of the day.’ Overall, Petit St. Vincent is praised for offering ‘unadulterated island luxury offered up in a non-pretentious way’ with service ‘as good as you’ll find anywhere in the world.’

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Harper's Bazaar

The 100 Greatest Travel Experiences in the World

February 2019

The island paradise of Petit St. Vincent offers a chance to be marooned on one of the many tiny atolls with a picnic, safe in the knowledge that you will be rescued before the champagne runs out.

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Taking the Plunge: Free Diving in the Caribbean

January 2019 Free diving in the waters surrounding Petit St Vincent is a breathtaking experience in more ways than one. Not only do we get an insight into the bright and beautiful sights of the sea, but we get a lesson in ocean conservation, too.

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Fodor's Travel

15 Best Luxury All-Inclusive Resorts in the Caribbean

January 2019 (14 of 15) Petit St. Vincent Resort 
Where: St. Vincent and the Grenadines

If you’ve ever dreamt of visiting on an off-the-grid island, now is your chance. Petit St. Vincent Resort promises 115 acres of serenity and seclusion. It’s the perfect spot to disconnect from the trappings of technology and reconnect to what’s important. Instead of TVs, phones, and Wi-Fi (which is limited to the main building), you’ll find captivating panoramas and a sense of laid-back luxury. Wake up early to catch the sunrise, enjoy beach BBQs, and spend your nights stargazing.

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The Exclusive Caribbean Hotel that Redefines the Meaning of All-Inclusive

January 2019 The closest thing to paradise. What does paradise look like? If it includes white sandy beaches, unlimited Pina Coladas and lobster on tap then let me tell you, it exists.

Petit St Vincent (PSV to regulars) is a private island at the Southernmost tip of the Grenadines that sums up the very essence of a luxury holiday cliche in every way but one…it's all inclusive. Dismiss the image of Magaluf nights and Benidorm hotels for this is when inclusivity spells out relaxation without worry. From the moment one steps ashore (after a 50-minute seaplane from Barbados and a 15-minute speedboat from Union Island) and met with a cocktail and a private taxi tour of the 115-acre estate, the habit of carrying credit cards isn’t the only aspect of real life that one is quick to forget.

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5 Underrated Caribbean Islands that are Perfect for your Next Winter Escape

January 2019 Petit St. Vincent 
For another private island scenario, head to Petit St. Vincent in the Grenadines. The resort covers the entire 115-acre island and is made up of just 22 one- and two-bedroom cottages. The rooms have no televisions, telephones or WiFi, but the truly off-the-grid sanctuary does have its own desalination plant and bottling plant, so you can enjoy fresh water from the tap or from one of its reusable glass bottles.

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