Petit St Vincent 2018 Press Coverage

SilverSpoon London

Ten of the World's Best Hotel Spas

March 2018 8. The Hillside Spa at Petit St. Vincent
The beautiful Hillside Spa at Petit St. Vincent offers four incredible open-air treatment rooms with a view out to the sea!

The treatments offered at the spa use Balinese traditions alongside ingredients such as herbs, spices and plants sourced from the Caribbean to provide the perfect restorative combination.

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State College Magazine

Taking a Dive

February 2018 There isn’t a whole lot that scares me anymore, at least as far as adventure sports go. I’m terrified of awful eventualities like losing loved ones, but not of the type of activities typically seen in Mountain Dew commercials.

Except SCUBA diving. Up until the moment I descended into the briny deep surrounding Petit St. Vincent, a private island in the Caribbean, the experience of strapping on air tanks, sticking a regulator in my mouth and swimming with the fishes was never pleasant for me, much less fun.

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Gentlemen's Journal

A guide to the Caribbean’s Private Islands—what to wear on each

February 2018 Petit St. Vincent
As the name suggests, there’s not much to this tiny island. But, what does cover this 115-acre tropical island is well worth visiting. With just 22 spacious one bedroom cottages and two bedroom beach villas, you can enjoy the privacy you desire with gorgeous views of the Caribbean Sea – where telephones and Wi-Fi aren’t available and you communicate with the attentive staff via flags. Yes, that’s right–-flags.

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Diver Magazine

If Its Good Enough for Cousteau...

February 2018 There's a curiously dreamlike quality to this, our second dive in Chatham Bay. I put this down to the profusion of soft corals and branching sponges.

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Ditch Your Cell Phone at These Digital Detox Destinations

February 2018 Enjoy going off the grid while enjoying much-needed "me" time at these 10 tech-free resorts. 

At Petit St. Vincent (from $1,200 per night), an intimate, private island resort comprising 22 one- and two-bedroom cottages in the Grenadines, you are completely off the grid.

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The Wall Street Journal

The Do-Nothing Beach Vacation: Heaven or Hell?

February 2018 Few vacation choices are more contentious than the seaside fly-and-flop. Two seasoned travelers argue the pros and cons of underachievement. Plus: 5 island resorts ideal for embracing inactivity.

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The Week

The World's Best Private Island Holidays

January 2018 Get away from it all–and them all–with our pick of the world's most exclusive getaways

Sometimes it's not enough to escape from the office. We need to get away from the world altogether. Private islands, once the preserve of royals and titans of industry, offer just such an experience. And while many of them come with a price tag as breathtaking as their scenery, a few are extending their reach beyond the one percent.

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No Locks, No Clocks And No Wifi: Why Petit St Vincent Is The Place For A Digital Detox

January 2018 Suffering from a serious case of social media fatigue, our digital editor Suzannah Ramsdale headed to the super chilled and totally charming Petit St Vincent for a digital detox. 

"I realized I was one of those millennials a few months ago when I was trying to read a book (The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead – it’s brilliant) and realized I couldn’t even make it through a chapter without checking Instagram or Whatsapp. Pathetic. Fortuitously, I had a trip to Petit St Vincent coming up and it turned out to be just the thing I needed to re-set, relax and re-discover what it's like to leave my phone behind."

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