Petit St Vincent 2018 Press Coverage

The Coconut Times

10 Reasons to Visit the Caribbean this Winter

November 2018 5. To drink fine wines on a castaway island

The tiny island of Petit St. Vincent & The Grenadines is a place to get cast away in style. There's just 22 luxury cottages and two-bedroom beachfront villas that come without TV, phone or Wi-Fi but you do get a Balinese spa, a Jean-Michel Cousteau dive centre---on selected weeks from late November to mid-April---the unexpected change to learn about than sample fine wines from Tuscany, California or Washington State, or alternatively craft beers from Grenada.

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Town & Country

Beyond the Sea

November 2018 A Caribbean Eden of opalescent waters, iridescent hummingbirds and dazzling rainbow fish, where tortoises roam free on pristine sands.

There is only one way to make the final leg of the journey to Petit St. Vincent, and that is by boat. As you speed across the turquoise wave that sparked intensely in the sunlight, the scene is so far removed from the humdrum and the everyday that you feel as if you've stepped into a parallel universe.

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Privacy and Pampering are the Name of the Game at Petit St. Vincent

November 2018 Private island luxury awaits in the lower Grenadines.

Rustic but elegant, simple but luxurious, private but personable—this Caribbean retreat 65 kilometres south of the big island of St. Vincent leans on its natural beauty to dazzle luxury-seekers from around the world. Opened in 1968 and partially renovated in 2008, Petit St. Vincent has an old-fashioned camp aura about it, one that you will quickly get used to.

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Family Traveller

7 Best Resorts Where Kids Can Learn to Scuba Dive

November 2018

1. Petit St. Vincent Resort, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

For families wanting an exclusive island hideaway with unparalleled diving, Petit St. Vincent Resort is the perfect spot. The resort is set on a beautiful 115-acre private island in the Caribbean accessed by plane from Barbados followed by a short boat ride. The state-of-the-art scuba diving center, opened by Jean-Michel Cousteau, son of the legendary Jacques Cousteau, has a hand-picked team of diving instructors and a wide range of diving programs for tots, tweens and teens as well as snorkeling and SCUBA.

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Condé Nast Brides

The Best Island Honeymoon Resorts

November 2018 The world has no shortage of beautiful island getaways, but where do you find the ultimate stay for your honeymoon? Team BRIDES has already done the research for you, and tried and tested these incredible island resorts. Escape to these islands on your honeymoon and you'll never want to be rescued.

Petit St Vincent Private Island Resort St Vincent & The Grenadines, Caribbean‘Go where the wi-fi is weak,’ is the travel mantra of the moment. It's easy to embrace this mantra at this private island in the glorious Grenadines. Communication with staff is pirate-style via a driftwood flagpole – raise pillar-box red for ‘do not disturb’ and sunshine yellow for ‘butler service, please’. Being disconnected doesn’t mean doing without, though. For every guest at PSV, as it’s affectionately known, there are three staff who zip around on cute Mini Moke vehicles attending to your every whim. Twenty-two cottages and two villas line the beachfront, perfectly positioned for the pomegranate-pink sunsets and sea views.

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IN Magazine

Pretty & Petit

November 2018 A private island escape in St. Vincent and the Grenadines yields rustic glamour with a spritz of ritz 

The eight-seater Mustique Airways plane on the Barbados airport tarmac is painted a bright aquamarine and there are only five of us sitting in its white leather seats, including the two pilots. For the next 50 minutes, we head straight into the sunset, just brushing the tops of the cotton-ball clouds, lost in thoughts of absolutely nothing, dumbfounded by the beauty of the sky. As we make straight for the lower Grenadine Islands and Petit St. Vincent (PSV), a 46-hectare private-island resort, my grin slowly turns into a smile that lasts all week long.

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House & Garden

Feel Good Travel

November 2018 The Travel Industry as been one of the greatest champions of sustainability with the world's top hotels committing to reducing plastic and waste, and supporting local communities.

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Boat International

Exceptional Cases

November 2018 Jonathan Ray reveals the best cellars to set sail for if your super yacht's wine supplies are running low

Location: Petit St. Vincent
Why It's Special: It's located on a private island.
What to look for: The cellar is filled with some 4,500 bottles of wine as well as locally-sourced barrel-aged rum.

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Far and Wide

The 15 Most Breathtaking Beaches in the Caribbean

November 2018 The Caribbean is a tropical trifecta of sun, sand and surf. Vacationers flock here to spend their days languishing in the brilliant blue water and feeling the soft-as-a-snowflake sand between their toes.

PSV is slide #2

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Westchester Magazine

The Grenadines: Digital Detox on a Private Island

November 2018 If Lost taught us one thing, it’s that no one wants to be marooned on a tropical island. But if that island is Petit St. Vincent, where there’s no cell phone service, no WiFi, and no TV, but plenty of understated luxury and relaxation, being marooned might be the best decision you’ve made in a while.

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Men's Journal

15 Incredible Private Beaches Around the World You Can Actually Visit

October 2018 Here’s a little secret: You don’t have to be Richard Branson to take a trip to one of the best private beaches in the world. Just splurge on a nice-ass hotel (if only for a night) and make like Robinson Crusoe enjoying an endless day with the only three things man needs: sun, water, and a private plunge pool overlooking the sunset—sure, so maybe that last one isn’t a necessity. Whether your travels take you to a private island in the Maldives or a sprawling resort in remote New Zealand or by bustling Cancun, you can’t go wrong with any of these incredible private seaboards.

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The Toronto Globe and Mail

Never hear ‘I’m bored’ on a family beach vacation again

October 2018 5. Go wireless
Really want to pump up their “entertain yourselves” muscles? Head for a spot where there are no TVs, no phones and no WiFi. On the island of Petit St. Vincent there is only one resort and guests are encouraged to tune out the world.

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Vanity Fair

Wish You Were Here

October 2018 The Private Island Resort of Petit St. Vincent turn 50.

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Pelorus – Elements Magazine

Into the depths: Hanli Prinsloo

October 2018 Conservationist and ultimate freediver Hanli Prinsloo on experiencing the world hundreds of feet underwater.

Not many people can hold their breath for 10 minutes. Fewer still are able to dive into the endless depths of the oceans with serene ease. With claustrophobic-induced attacks and blackouts being inherent dangers of free-diving, few are brave enough to even try. But with the right training and experience it opens a new perspective to an underwater world that we still know so little about. Hanli Prinsloo knows this better than anyone. Speaker, writer, conservationist and ultimate free-diver, she has formed an incredible relationship with the sea, the blue lifeblood of our planet, and the creatures that live within it.

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The Week

I am Water: Learning to Free-Dive in Petit St. Vincent.

August 2018 It is early evening one recent Wednesday on the Caribbean island of Petit St Vincent and we’re sitting on a deck beneath the bleeding sun discussing the concept of “relaxing into discomfort”. It is not an obvious topic. For most visitors to Petit St Vincent, relaxing into near-total comfort is very much the order of the day.

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NUVO Magazine

Petit St. Vincent. Paradise found.

August 2018 Becoming a castaway with luxe benefits is possible at Petit St. Vincent, a five-star private island resort at the southern tip of St. Vincent and Grenadines. The resort, a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, encompasses the entire 115-acre island, with numerous white sand beaches, a daily soundtrack of Caribbean waves, and a lush tropical backdrop.

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A Surprising Hotel Brand Luxury Travelers Need To Know

July 2018 “Another is SLH member Petit St. Vincent, the acclaimed private island resort that is perennially ranked as one the best of the best luxury spots in the entire Caribbean.”

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Petit St. Vincent: Finding Luxury In Solitude

July 2018 A few years ago, while touring through the waters of the Grenadines, I stumbled upon 115 acres of hidden oasis. Rising up out of the sparkling blue waters was a quiet, lush island: Petit St. Vincent, home to a world-class resort that seeks to emulate the sanctuary-like feel of the surrounding landscape. I was given a personal tour of the island, and was quickly captivated by almost 2 miles of white sand beaches; an abundance of tropical flora and wildlife; the sustainable designs of the resort’s 22 private, stone walled, thatch-roofed cottages; and — most of all — by the tranquility that washes over everything.

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Faerie Magazine

Healing the Sea

July 2018 It’s a perfect patch of briny deep. The coral here, about forty feet down and ten minutes from the coast of Petit St. Vincent, a tiny, tony private island and resort in the southern Grenadines, is pristine. I see none of the bleached spots I will discover tomorrow when I snorkel farther off, in the direction of the Tobago Cays Maritime Park, a protected habitat for sea turtles and where Johnny Depp clowned with Keira Knightley in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. They break your heart, those swathes of pale reef, abandoned by sea life, ghost-like and wan. But here, closer to Petit St. Vincent, this slice of thriving coral hosts tropical fish by the multitudes, less a rainbow of colors than a sunset, the creatures resplendent in fierce hues of orange and yellow, vibrant pink and purple, racy red and bright blue too.

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The Grio

Traveling while Black: 5 perfect locations to escape and unplug this summer.

July 2018 Find a way to get off the grid
1. Petit St. Vincent — Saint Vincent and The Grenadines

You know those days when you are drowning in adulting and think about what it might be like to have your own island escape? Enter the glorious Petit St. Vincent, a 115-acre private island at the tip of the Grenadines on the flawless Caribbean ocean.

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Fathom Travel Awards 2018: The World's 10 Best Off-the-Grid Hotels for Total Digital Detox

July 2018 Caribbean Reverie: Petite St. Vincent
St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Caribbean

After flying to Barbados, taking a puddle jumper to Union Island, and hopping a boat to finally land ashore on this little-known Caribbean island (referred to as PSV), the outside world will be a distant memory. Part of the reason the tiny island resort is so perfect is because it's hard to reach. There's a strictly unplugged-luxury vibe, which has been partly cultivated and partly left alone for the last 50 years, as the resort teeters on being a wholly sustainable operation. Guests of the 22 simple waterfront cottages have access to pristine private beaches, impeccable service, and the Jean-Michel Cousteau Caribbean Diving Center. 

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Ultimate Wedding

Escape to the Beach

Summer 2018 Whether you're seeking a beach wedding or simply escaping to the gentle shores for your honeymoon, there are plenty of places both here in the UK and around the world. There's nothing better than combining your wedding day with your honeymoon and inviting a select number of guests to join you on your once in a lifetime adventure.

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Caribbean This Summer? Time and Location are Key

June 2018 Last summer - 2017 - showed just how dangerous hurricane season in the Caribbean is. Official figures show 246 people died in Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Rebuilding efforts continue but it will take until at least December before the worst-affected islands are functioning properly.

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House & Garden

The Private Island

June 2018 Identified as ‘one of the original Caribbean all stars,’ the journalist’s time at Petit St. Vincent is described to be exactly ‘as we dream it to be.’ The island’s ‘unplugged policy’ is mentioned and accredited with increasing her enjoyment of the rum tasting and the barbecue on the beach without the distractions of modern technology. Included as an experience that is not to be missed is the Balinese Treetop Spa where the products are ‘made from the herbs and fruits that grow in the island’s gardens.'

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Harper's Bazaar

Exploring Petit St Vincent

May 2018 Fall in love with this Caribbean paradise

Picture an island paradise, and it will probably resemble Petit St Vincent. Located in the southern tip of the Grenadines, this 115-acre wooded isle is one of the Caribbean’s most picturesque spots. As a private island, only a lucky few get to stay in this luxurious resort at a time, and arriving there feels as if you’re escaping into another world: a small plane takes you from Barbados to Union Island, where you are met by a representative of the resort, who takes you the final leg of the journey by boat, coasting across the azure-blue seas beneath equally blue skies.

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Condé Nast Brides

Honeymoon Guide Island Hotels

May 2018 Petit St. Vincent Private Island Resort
"Go where the wi-fi is weak" is the travel mantra of the moment. Well, go one better at the wif-fi-free private island in the glorious Grenadines.

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Canadian Traveller

Diving with Cousteau's Crew Off Petit St. Vincent

May 2018 When it comes to choosing between a once-in-a-lifetime dive experience or luxe and relaxation at a private island resort, why sacrifice one for the other? Our writer learns of a place where, when you opt for the former, the latter will be waiting on the other side.

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Haute Living

Go Green & Celebrate Earth Day At These 7 Eco-Friendly Luxury Resorts

April 2018 The dreamy Petit St. Vincent, a stunning Caribbean resort on its own private island, is a fabulous option for the luxe eco enthusiast. 

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Private Air Magazine

Out on its own–Petit St. Vincent

April 2018 A private island escape that allows guest to do just that—escape from the world.
(Article featured on page 200) by LTI-Luxury Travel Intelligence

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Lusso Magazine

Private Parts Showing—Rob Beckett Visits Petit St. Vincent

March 2018 Petit St Vincent. 40 miles south of St. Vincent in the Grenadines, it’s one of the most luxurious private islands money can buy, a tranquil paradise of long sandy beaches and clear blue skies––and it’s where Lusso sent me for a few days of top rest and relaxation, in order to report back on everything this cushy resort has to offer

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New York Post

A New Nonstop Flight Lands in the Caribbean's Loneliest Sliver

March 2018 Getting to St. Vincent and the Grenadines–the geologic semicolon of the tropic, lying just south of the St. Lucia and north of Grenada–used to be the opposite of delightful...

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Insight Magazine

Perfectly Private

March 2018 Petit St. Vincent in the lower Grenadines give visitors a healthy lo-fi dose of old-school island charm.

For those searching for off-the-grid relaxation, the beguiling island of PetitSt. Vincent (PSV) offers peaceful, phone-free indulgence in spades.

Tranquil, timeless, romantic and rustic, this beach resort is a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World and offers 115 acres of private space for me time, which, with today’sconstant barrage of technology, is becoming increasingly difficult to find.

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Your Own Private Caribbean Islands

March 2018 For the ultimate retreat, skip the better-known locales in favor of these 9 under-the-radar islands where privacy and exclusivity reign.

Petit St. VincentPart of the Grenadines, this 115-acre private island resort is a luxurious place to unplug. There are no phones, televisions, or Internet connectivity in the 22 seaside stone-and-timber villas, nor at the casual beach bar or the sumptuous tree-house spa or along the nearly two miles of shoreline. (There is, however, WiFi in the reception area.) Instead of checking e-mails or uploading Instagram photos, guests can enjoy cruises aboard the resort’s lovely traditional wood sailing sloop, diving with sea turtles in the nearby Tobago Cays via the Jean-Michel Cousteau dive center (established in late 2014), or lazing in one of the property’s ubiquitous shady hammocks. Rooms start at $1,200; 954-963-7401; 

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York Life Magazine

Turndown: Petit St. Vincent

March 2018 Rum Punch, Anyone?
This remote, all-inclusive 115-acre private island resort at the southern tip of the Grenadine Islands delivers full-on luxury. With just 22 private cottages attended to by butlers who drive mini jeeps, it is high-end yet low-key and definitely old school. The resort celebrates its 50 anniversary thisß year and is part of National Geographic's Unique Lodges of the World collection. From $1,385 per night, including meals.

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SilverSpoon London

Ten of the World's Best Hotel Spas

March 2018 8. The Hillside Spa at Petit St. Vincent
The beautiful Hillside Spa at Petit St. Vincent offers four incredible open-air treatment rooms with a view out to the sea!

The treatments offered at the spa use Balinese traditions alongside ingredients such as herbs, spices and plants sourced from the Caribbean to provide the perfect restorative combination.

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State College Magazine

Taking a Dive

February 2018 There isn’t a whole lot that scares me anymore, at least as far as adventure sports go. I’m terrified of awful eventualities like losing loved ones, but not of the type of activities typically seen in Mountain Dew commercials.

Except SCUBA diving. Up until the moment I descended into the briny deep surrounding Petit St. Vincent, a private island in the Caribbean, the experience of strapping on air tanks, sticking a regulator in my mouth and swimming with the fishes was never pleasant for me, much less fun.

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Gentlemen's Journal

A guide to the Caribbean’s Private Islands—what to wear on each

February 2018 Petit St. Vincent
As the name suggests, there’s not much to this tiny island. But, what does cover this 115-acre tropical island is well worth visiting. With just 22 spacious one bedroom cottages and two bedroom beach villas, you can enjoy the privacy you desire with gorgeous views of the Caribbean Sea – where telephones and Wi-Fi aren’t available and you communicate with the attentive staff via flags. Yes, that’s right–-flags.

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Diver Magazine

If Its Good Enough for Cousteau...

February 2018 There's a curiously dreamlike quality to this, our second dive in Chatham Bay. I put this down to the profusion of soft corals and branching sponges.

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Ditch Your Cell Phone at These Digital Detox Destinations

February 2018 Enjoy going off the grid while enjoying much-needed "me" time at these 10 tech-free resorts. 

At Petit St. Vincent (from $1,200 per night), an intimate, private island resort comprising 22 one- and two-bedroom cottages in the Grenadines, you are completely off the grid.

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The Wall Street Journal

The Do-Nothing Beach Vacation: Heaven or Hell?

February 2018 Few vacation choices are more contentious than the seaside fly-and-flop. Two seasoned travelers argue the pros and cons of underachievement. Plus: 5 island resorts ideal for embracing inactivity.

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The Week

The World's Best Private Island Holidays

January 2018 Get away from it all–and them all–with our pick of the world's most exclusive getaways

Sometimes it's not enough to escape from the office. We need to get away from the world altogether. Private islands, once the preserve of royals and titans of industry, offer just such an experience. And while many of them come with a price tag as breathtaking as their scenery, a few are extending their reach beyond the one percent.

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No Locks, No Clocks And No Wifi: Why Petit St Vincent Is The Place For A Digital Detox

January 2018 Suffering from a serious case of social media fatigue, our digital editor Suzannah Ramsdale headed to the super chilled and totally charming Petit St Vincent for a digital detox. 

"I realized I was one of those millennials a few months ago when I was trying to read a book (The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead – it’s brilliant) and realized I couldn’t even make it through a chapter without checking Instagram or Whatsapp. Pathetic. Fortuitously, I had a trip to Petit St Vincent coming up and it turned out to be just the thing I needed to re-set, relax and re-discover what it's like to leave my phone behind."

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