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The Knot

10 Most Romantic Honeymoons

Fall 2017 Our Favorite Hideaways for Two: A Private Island Paradise with WiFi Free Cottages Scattered Across Picturesque Beaches

Why It's Romantic
St. Vincent and the Grenadines are a series islands sprinkled across the blue cool-blue waters of the southern Caribbean. Snorkel in clear shallow reefs, often in the company of sea turtles, or relax on beautiful white sand beaches.

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Pure Life Experiences

No Island is an Island: 7 Island Resorts that make Giving Back Cool

June 2017 Petit St. Vincent Resort
When philanthropist Philip Stephenson and Robin Paterson bought Petit St Vincent, a popular private-island resort in the Caribbean, in 2010 their goal was to upgrade the island, not just the resort. Stephenson, an avid diver, collaborated with local communities and area fishermen to care for the reefs and waters. Each year the resort re-evaluates its conservation and sustainability initiatives to ensure they’re always improving.

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Caribbean 360

Four Caribbean Properties Named Among Five Idyllic Private Island Retreats

June 2017 Petit St Vincent, St Vincent and the Grenadines
No shoes, no phone, no TV, no Internet, no problem. That’s the thinking at Petit St Vincent, an unspoiled 115-acre paradise in the southern Caribbean boasting just 22 luxe cottages and villas.

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Luxurious Magazine

Petit St. Vincent – Your Destination for Wellness

June 2017 Relax in complete bliss at the idyllic private island resort of Petit St. Vincent.
The private island resort of Petit St. Vincent puts wellness at its core by offering a host of activities for mindfulness. From scuba training to open-air yoga, the retreat is dedicated to helping you relax and unwind, free from distractions.

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Harper's Bazaar

#THELIST: The 25 Best Hotels in the World

May 2017 #13 Petit St. Vincent: Saint Vincent & The Grenadines

Tom Marchant is the co-founder of luxury travel company and trip planner, Black Tomato, which delivers luxe experiences around the world via inspiring itineraries and access to the globe's up-and-coming, remote destinations. Marchant's finger on the pulse of travel trends and the world's best in hotels, restaurants, destinations and honeymoons is unique and incomparable–and he's sharing his expertise and curated lists of where to visit, stay, eat and more with Here, his hit list for the chicest and most luxe hotels across the globe.

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CNN Travel

5 Idyllic Private Island Retreats

April 2017 (CNN) How do you avoid the throngs of sun seekers when you just want a waterfront vacation away from it all?

A private island, where you're secluded from all but a handful of staff and fellow guests, may be just what the doctor ordered.Here are four tropical, and one not-so-tropical, island getaways where you can escape and unwind.

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CNN travel

Farm-to-Hotel: 10 Resorts that Grow Their Own Food

April 2017 Petit St. Vincent, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Environmental stewardship permeates many aspects of life on the exclusive, low-tech Caribbean island of Petit St. Vincent. With a large organic garden just outside of the kitchen door, the resort benefits from an unbeatable variety of tropical fruit, produce and herbs.

Indonesian-born chef Andi Cahyono collaborates with chief gardener Roy Doyle to grow lemongrass, Thai basil and winged beans for Cahyono's Asian-fusion recipes. Callaloo and Caribbean vine spinach add zing to traditional West Indian dishes. Wake up to just-off-the-tree mango and watch the sunset with a snack of fragrant spice cake, loaded with ginger grown on the island. With 400 free-roaming chickens, the morning eggs travel from coop to plate in minutes.

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Petit St. Vincent: Eco-Friendly Exclusivity in the Caribbean

February 2017 Dreaming of a secluded sanctuary in the Caribbean? Hello Petit St. Vincent. This discreet hideaway is part of the Grenadines, a chain of unspoiled islands that have been spared the hazards of mass tourism. The crystalline sea and undisturbed coral reef are an environmentally responsible travelers nirvana.

Everyone refers to this unpretentious private island as PSV. Guests come here to unplug and recalibrate. You won’t find telephones or television on PSV and Internet access is available only in the main office. This low-tech philosophy is one of its hallmarks, so do yourself a favor and leave your laptop at home.

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Your Own Private Caribbean Islands

February 2017 Petit St. Vincent
Part of the Grenadines, this 115-acre private island resort is a luxurious place to unplug. There are no phones, televisions, or Internet connectivity in the 22 seaside stone-and-timber villas, nor at the casual beach bar or the sumptuous tree-house spa or along the nearly two miles of shoreline.

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Palm Beach Illustrated

Escape on a Tropical Getaway to Petit St. Vincent

February 2017 Even seasoned travelers have never heard of Petit St. Vincent. The southernmost is-land of St. Vincent and the Grenadines may be small, but it makes a big impression. No wonder it has remained a well-kept secret among the travel elite for more than half a century.

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The 17 Most Romantic Hotels in the World

February 2017 Petit St Vincent is included in a great Valentine's Day round-up of the world's most romantic hotels on  PSV is #13 on the list.

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SLOW Magazine

A Caribbean Retreat

February 2017

If the definition of paradise for you includes seclusion, exclusivity, and postcard perfect beaches, then the island escape of Petit St. Vincent is the epitome of this definition.

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Palm Beach Illustrated

Fantasy Island

February 2017 Timeless tropical elegance, thy name is Petit St. Vincent
Even seasoned travelers have never heard of Petit St.Vincent. The southernmost island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines may be small, but it makes a bit impression.

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Star Telegram

Petit St. Vincent Private Island is Antidote to Post-Election Stress

January 2017 St. Vincent and the Grenadines
It was Election Day in the U.S., but the sea turtles swimming near an anchorage in the Tobago Cays didn’t seem to notice. We bobbed like corks above them, watching them through our masks, slowly finning through the crystal-clear water as a line of cushion sea stars inched across the white sand bottom.

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