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Petit St. Vincent: A Caribbean Gourmet Getaway

December 2016 The Grenadines are a chain of Caribbean islands that have been only lightly touched by mass tourism. For water enthusiasts, it’s a treasure chest of crystalline seas, undisturbed coral reefs and top-notch diving. I’ve visited a number of Instagram-worthy Caribbean Islands but the Grenadines are my numero uno. Time spent in this part of the world is an instant elixir to my stress-filled urban existence.

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Family Travel Forum

Petit St. Vincent: A Luxurious Digital Detox

December 2016 In today’s high-tech world, elementary school kids have smart phones and savvy toddlers cruise the worldwide web with ease. Stepping away from the Internet, television and cell phones, even just for a few hours, seems impossible. But in the sparkling Caribbean Sea sits an elegant private island that is as low-tech as they come. If your family is ripe for a digital detox, consider an escape to Petit St. Vincent, a vacation paradise so perfect you won’t miss checking your e-mail.

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National Post

Which Kind of Caribbean Islander Are You?

November 2016 From beach snobs to nature loves, a primer for first-timers

Think “Caribbean,” and images of palm trees, aquamarine seas and fruity drinks with umbrellas typically come to mind. But scratch the surface, and you’ll find distinctly different vibes, landscapes, weather and attractions defining the region’s more than 7,000 individual islands.

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Check Out These Jaw-Dropping Private Island Hotels

October 2016 These 10 private island escapes are so gorgeous and secluded, you'll never want to leave. #bucketlist.

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4 Private-Island Resort Myths Busted

October 2016 “Sure, they sound amazing, but I can’t afford a private-island resort. I’ll have to fly to the other side of the world. Plus I bet I’ll get bored...” We’ve heard all the old myths about private-island resorts. Now it’s time we busted them.

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25 Incredible Caribbean Stays

October 2016 Caribbean hotels are like the region's many islands—each have their own unique set of amenities, from beautiful beaches and award-winning restaurants to cool coastal design and swoon-worthy views. Whether you're seeking the glitz and glamour of a palatial estate or the quiet romance of a secluded beachfront bungalow, you'll find your match in our ultimate guide to the Caribbean. (Petit St. Vincent #13)

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Travel + Leisure

25 Trips of a Lifetime

October 2016 Petit St. Vincent: Though popular with the yachting crowd, the Grenadines have yet to be touched by mass tourism. Here, you’ll find one of the Caribbean’s most iconic resorts, a place that encourages disconnecting: Petit St. Vincent, a 115-acre isle with 22 stone-walled cottages that have no TVs, Wi-Fi, or phones. Driftwood palapas line the main beach, and there’s a hillside spa, where treatments like hot-stone massage are done in an open-air pavilion.

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The Improper Bostonian

Petit Pleasures

October 2016 Petit St. Vincent offers a secluded sanctuary for the well-heeled castaway.

“Private island in the Caribbean.” They’re quite possibly the five sweetest words in the English language, and Petit St. Vincent, in the Grenadines, certainly doesn’t disappoint. Located 40 miles south of St. Vincent, the low-key luxury resort comprises 115 acres dotted with 22 rustic yet elegant cottages, surrounded by nearly two miles of beach.

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Northshore Magazine

Private Resort in the Grenadines

October 2016 Petit St. Vincent offers luxury amenities in an exclusive setting.

Matthew Semark smiles broadly from the wooden dock on the tiny private island of Petit St. Vincent as our boat, The Poseidon, approaches. “Welcome to Petit St. Vincent,” he says, as we step ashore. Clad in breezy white linen, Semark speaks with a cheerful British accent and holds a wooden tray carrying piña coladas and cold frangipani-scented hand towels.

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Tommy Hilfiger


May 2016 We teamed up with TRAVEL + LEISURE to explore the most unforgettabel beach you've never heard of. Let's get packing.

Sure, it may be easier to book a direct flight to a well-known resort, but if you really want to unplug you need to get a little lost. what’s your reward? Deserted beaches, friendly locals and more than a few bragging rights. and because life is stressful enough, we’ve put together the perfect packing list. Let’s go.

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CNN Travel

The World's Best Luxury Dive Resorts

April 2016 Super-swanky dive resorts come in all sizes.But mostly in small. From Chile to Australia to St. Lucia, the world's most exclusive scuba hideaways serve fewer than 100 select guests. Some cater to a maximum of just 20 diving VIPs. Others tempt groups to reserve their whole private island. I mean, why share paradise when you can have all that pampering for yourself and your friends?

Without exception, these premium dive lodges offer the royal treatment for even the most spoiled among us. Spa treatments, cuisine by renowned chefs, impeccable service and, of course, the healthiest reefs and most prolific sea life on the planet. Here are 10 resorts that treat divers with a special kind of dignity.

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Miami Herald

Island-hopping in St. Vincent, Grenadines Offers Taste of Beauty, Adventure

April 2016 For some, the ideal tropical holiday is a gated all-inclusive resort where time is spent shuttling between the beach and the pool bar. For those looking for a little more substance, St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean beckons with its 32 islands and cays - not to mention some of the best beaches you'll find anywhere.

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Travel & Style

8 Must-Visit Destinations for a Digital Detox

March 2016 5. Petit St. Vincent Private Island Resort
The Grenadines, St. Vincent & Grenadines

This remote hideaway island in the Caribbean is made up of 115 acres of rolling hills and white sandy beaches—and absolutely no cell service, Wi-Fi or television to interrupt your blissful disconnection from bustling mainland life. In fact, communication with guests on this luxury resort is charmingly made through hand-written notes left in bamboo letter boxes. Red and yellow flags are raised to signal transport or room service—or to book a traditional Balinese Warm Stone massage at the hillside spa.

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Coastal Living

Navigator | Where to Go Now on the Coast

March 2016 The Making of A Diver
Two days beneath the water off the shores of Petit St. VIncnet deliver a new brightly colored world. 

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The Elite Traveler

Take Three: Private Caribbean Islands

March 2016 The oenophile’s choice, Petit St. Vincent has an impressive cellar—choose from more than 4,500 fine wines and champagne.

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Intimate Private Islands for Rent

March 2016 Why book a hotel suite when you can book an island?
Price: $27,200 per night
Number of Guests: Up to 55
Features: Butler room service, all meals and beverages, non-motorized watersports.

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Business Insider

This Is What It's Like to Stay on the Caribbean's Most Private Island

March 2016 It would be nice to say that the only light visible at night from the private Caribbean island of Petit St. Vincent comes from the bright stars above, but that wouldn’t be true. Because every so often, there is the sweep of a flashlight across a grassy field or along one of the paths that crisscross the 115-acre island in St. Vincent and The Grenadines.

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Thrillist Travel

The Best Island Getaways from the US

February 2016 Petit St. Vincent, Caribbean
Need to power down your work-addled brain? A private island without Wi-Fi, television, or phones should do the trick. Petit St. VIncent—site of this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition shoot—consists of 22 one- and two-bedroom cottages, a world-class dive center from Jean-Michel Cousteau, and a plethora of opportunities to do a whole lotta nothing.

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Sports Illustrated

Petit St. Vincent Athletes in Body Paint

February 2016 When you are photographing models who are wearing nothing but paint, you want a bit of privacy. And that’s what a remote, off-the-grid-place like Petit St. Vincent offers. Combined with lush hill and gorgeous beaches, it was the perfect setting for body painting.

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About Travel

2016 Sports Illustrated Swimwear Edition Resorts & Locations

February 2016 Petit St. Vincent Featured in SI's 2016 Swimsuit Edition
If you were going to photograph models wearing nothing but body paint, the privately owned Petit St. Vincent in the Grenadines in the southern Caribbean would be an ideal location. In addition to the 115-acre island’s beckoning beaches and natural beauty, it has 22 freestanding cottages without TVs, phones or wi-fi, but with an ample supply of privacy and attentive service.

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Caribbean Journal

Why Ronda Rousey Went to This Caribbean Island

February 2016 Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit issue is currently on the newsstands, and eagle-eyed Caribbean fans will no doubt spot a familiar backdrop for the mesmerizing models.

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Financial Times

Hiring Your Own Private Island

January 2016 New and restored private island resorts from Indonesia to the Inner Hebrides are seeking to recalibrate the castaway experience to balance luxury with sustainability. Maria Shollenbarger reports

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