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September 2019 Fodor's Award: Rich and Famou:
Petit St. Vincent, St. Vincent & The Grenadines

This small boutique resort, surrounded by tropical forest and serene beaches, sits on a 115-acre private island in the Caribbean Sea. Here, personal service is at your beck and call—simply raise a flag up the pole outside of your private villa—but on an island purposely free of cell service or WiFi, there’s always the option to be left completely alone. And if you’re looking for extreme privacy, go ahead and book the entire island just for your party. Both the stone cottages and larger villas have generous wooden decks, teak interiors, and open floor plans. Wide glass doors and windows entice guests outside to lounge in the sun or enjoy a beach barbeque while sipping from an excellent choice of vintage wines.

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Martin Hesp’s Podcast

Martin Is Invited to the Island of Petit St Vincent

August 2019 We are pleased to share the link to Martin Hesp’s podcast available to download on Apple Podcasts. In this episode Martin is invited to the island of Petit St Vincent in the Grenadines - where he meets chefs, boatmen, and the Englishman who looks after this exclusive holiday destination.

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