Land Sports on Petit St. Vincent

From calisthenics to golf, your luxury Caribbean vacation at PSV offers an opportunity to keep fit, as well as plenty of hammock time.

Land Sports on Petit St. Vincent

Quality facilities for active guests.

For guests who would like to keep active during their stay but prefer to be
on land, we have various activities to keep you grounded.


For those who enjoy a good hike, the winding path shown on our island map leads
up to the Marni Hill’s 275 ft. summit. The reward of your efforts will be an expansive view of the surrounding archipelago and stunning Caribbean sea. This hike is best
enjoyed in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the midday sun.

Fitness Trail

PSV’s outdoor calisthenic fitness trail provides guests the opportunity for a thorough workout within a shaded area just off the island’s West End. Jogging to each of thestations along the beaches and through the natural woodlands is a great warm up. Should you need instructions for any of the exercises, our on-site fitness guru will be on hand to guide you through the 20-station circuit.


For jogging enthusiasts, a spin around the internal perimeter of the island should take no longer than half an hour at a leisurely pace. It is a great way to see and perhaps pick a favorite spot to relax on one of the island’s stunning white sand beaches.


Reserve our lighted tennis court with complementary rackets and balls. Competitive couples may wish to play a match of tennis with each other or other resort guests.


Guests of Petit St. Vincent looking to enjoy some golf during their Caribbean vacationcan access the 18-hole course on nearby Canouan Island. Just let the office know that you wish to play a few rounds and we’ll arrange everything, allowing you to concentrateon enjoying your relaxing escape.


For soccer enthusiasts, join in with our staff on the green as they practice for the local inter-island tournaments. Our PSV soccer team trains at least 3x a week during the cooler afternoon hours and welcome our resort guests to partake in the fun.

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