Petit St Vincent 2013 Press Coverage

Aspen Magazine

Small Wonder

December 2013

Since its 1960s debut, this 115-acre dreamland has attracted who’s who of savvy travelers. Recently emerging from a major reno, the island remains unplugged—no intentional dial phones, TVs, radios, clocks or WiFi—making way for relaxation in abundance.

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Fodor's Travel

7 Under-the-Radar All-Inclusive Resorts

December 2013 When you're on this private island resort, put away your cell phone (service is spotty anyhow), don't look for a TV, and forget about room keys, since your cottage-suite is lockless. That's the simple life at this laid-back, luxe resort, set upon 115 acres of loveliness in the middle of the Grenadines.

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Best Travel Moments of 2013

December 2013

Sailing in the Grenadines with Petit St. Vincent 
Chartering this private island’s aptly named Beauty, a 50-foot sailboat that was built by its captain, is the best of both worlds. A day of being buffeted by wind and waves, but nights back on land in air-conditioned rooms with big comfortable beds and oversize hot showers. The day trip, though, is the stuff of sailing fantasy, riding the winds to the Tobago Cays, snorkeling with turtles and clambering back on board for a delectable lunch of grilled lobster tails and potent rum punch.

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The Week

Hotel of the Week

December 2013 New owners haven't spoiled the Caribbean's "dreamiest" hideaway, said Ann Able in Petit St. Vincent a 115-acre private island that's built of a devout following across the past five decades, still has just 22 private guest cottages and all remain blissfully free of TVs, door locks, and Wi-Fi.

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Departures Travel

Private Caribbean Islands

December 2013 Forgo the highly traveled favorites for more intimate—dare we say secret?—isles.

The Caribbean—home to cerulean waters, vibrant coral reefs and sugar-white beaches—is a near-perfect vacation destination. There is just one problem: Everyone you know wants to go there.

How to lose the crowds when seeking an ideal tropical getaway? Forget well-traveled spots, where the sprawling hotels are thicker than coconut palms. If you really want to leave the only footprints in the sand, go to one of the Caribbean’s lesser-known islands.

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Afar Magazine

Sun, Sand, Sea

November 2013

The recently renovated Petit St. Vincent Resort has 22 cottages sprinkled among the beaches, hillsides, and coves of a 115-acre private island.

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Air Canada en Route

How I Spent My Winter Vacation

November 2013 A trip into the wilds of St. Vincent and the Grenadines will transport
you back to your sleepaway camp days—minus the pottery class and drama club.

Slipping my breakfast order into a bamboo mailbox outside my bungalow, I hoist the yellow flag above it into the air and follow the sound of Gregory Peck’s voice as it floats up from the beach. Down at the shore, Monday movie night is in full swing, complete with buttery bowls of popcorn, canvas director’s chairs and whispering waiters delivering drink orders. Roman Holiday plays out on a projector screen that luffs in the breeze like a sail. A group of boaters who have anchored in the cove for the evening are giving a rousing rendition of “When the Saints Go Marching In.”


Huffington Post Travel

Five More Things You Should Do in the Caribbean Before You Die

November 2013 Ride in a Mini Moke in the Grenadines

At Petit St. Vincent, a 115-acre private-island resort, guests are whisked between the beach and their ocean-view villas in a fleet of spiffy Mini Mokes. The iconic beach buggies were originally made in England in the '60s but production has long since stopped. So riding around in one of PSV's fleet is a unique experience, made even more so when you consider that the resort actually manufactures the vehicles themselves!

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Still The Dreamiest Private Island Hideaway In The Caribbean

November 20, 2013 The recent upgrades to one of the Caribbean's most resolutely old-school resorts really did improve it—without compromising the private island's blissful simplicity, freedom from incessant modern technologies, and retreat to a more innocent time.

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New York Magazine Weddings

Unplugged Honeymoons

October 2013

Those with fantasies of escaping to a private isle adore Petit St. Vincent, which is as far from the mega-resorts of the Carbbean as you can get (both literally and figuratively). The 22 cottages are plush and airy, some with outdoor daybeds overlooking the water, perfect for sunbathing or enjoying a private yoga session. Book a tropics-inspired Island Haze massage at the hillside spa; have a saliboat carry you to nearby islands...; or just park it beach-side and revel in your seclusion. 

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Technology Free Holidays

September 2013 There's a gloriously 'unplugged' feel about Petit St. Vincent. It was substantiously spruced up by new owners in 2011, but regulars say little of its previous spirit has been lost. While the whole vibe is rustic, it's as exclusive as nearby Mustique with a celebrety clientele to match, so it's actually a highly slick operation. 

UK Telegraph Article 


Best Secluded Beaches and Romantic Hideaways

September 2013 If you crave some peace and quiet, consider this under-the-radar Caribbean island. This island in the Grenadines has just the right mix of surf and sand for wannabe castaways. The privately owned Petit St. Vincent is one of the Caribbean's top honeymoon destinations and a favored pit stop for yachters.

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Best Luxury Resorts in the Caribbean

September 2013 When it comes ot luxury resorts, narrowing down a favorite can be a daunting task. Petit St. Vincent–unplug at this Internet-less resort and sink into the seclusion of private island luxury.

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Gentlemen Culture

A Luxurious Private Island

September 2013 Aside from offering opulent comforts, ultimate privacy and an understated yet attentive service, there exists a conspicuous and deliberate absence of connectivity to the outside world. People who could go anywhere in the world choose to come here for peace, quiet, seclusion and the ideal balance of wilderness and luxury.

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EVINS on the road: 3 most impressive boutique hotels

August 2013 Petit St. Vincent, or PSV to its loyalists, is a great example of "traditional" luxury done right. Privacy is also of the utmost concern for affluent consumers today. Since PSV's tagline is "a private resort for private people" (you can literally rent out the entire island), this kind of intimacy is not one that many guests get to experience, which makes it unforgettable.

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Boat International

My Private Island

June 2013

The renovated resort has 22 independent cottages, discreetly distant from each other on beaches or coves or dotting the hillside; two restaurants; a beach bar and boutique area; hillside spa and numerous water activities...'Since there are no cars on the island we frequently hear comments on the pleasure of not hearing traffic sounds. You can walk down the island and, if you quit talking, you won't hear anything but wind in the trees, ocean surf and birds singing.'

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See You in a Week

June 2013 Petit St. Vincent is barefoot luxury with a relaxed, natural ambience that is so rare to find. With excellent cuisine, a stunning setting, beautiful beaches, and lovely, genuine staff, this is a high quality accommodation that will beguile you. For a Robinson Crusoe-style Caribbean escape from the pressure of everyday modern life there is nowhere better than Petit St. Vincent.

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Dolce Vita

Stranded in Paradise

June 2013

I'm the only person in the world right now. A cosmic sky, an endless ocean and that enigmatic place where they meld beyond the horizon, a wondrous, sunswept vista unfolds before me....I admire the grandeur of it all...If you really need to get away, no one will find you here...

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Summer's 20 Hottest Escapes

May 2013

...with nearly 2 miles of white sand beaches, Petit St. Vincent definitely has more than enough sunbathing spots for the limited number of guests it accommodates. It offers sweet seclusion as the cottages, while certainly luxurious, are free of phones, TV and Internet. Who needs those anyway, when you can pamper yourself at the hillside spa, do your yoga poses at the pavilion facing Conch Bay and enjoy beach barbecues at the West End beach?

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Best Snorkeling!

April 2013

...there's plenty for the whole family to do on the 115-acre private island. Sail, snorkel or fish the archipelago's gin-clear waters; take a day cruise to the nearby Tobago Cays, where you can swim with turtles; hike up the island's Marni Hill for sweeping views of neighboring Petit Martinique; have a Balinese massage in the hillside spa; or enjoy movies under the stars, projected onto an inflatable screen set up on the oceanview main lawn.

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The Atlantan

Small Wonder

April 2013

Ivory sands, hilly hiking terrain and a well-inhabited reef in which to preview thriving aquaculture are just some of the highlights here. Others include off-island hops to pristine Tobago Cays or Mopion Island, courtesy of the island's yacht, and crystal clear seas that give water billing.

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Ahhh, Privacy!

March 2013

A less extravagant way than a villa in Mustique to get your Robinson Crusoe fix in the Grenadines is at Petit St. Vincent-the only resort on a 115-acre private island.

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Petite Paradise

February 2013

The new company immediately set into motion a plan to upgrade the existing infrastructure and add amenities focused on luxury travel, but wihtout mitigating the natural beauty, privacy and casual elegance that has kept guests returning (often to the same cottage on the same dates) for decades.

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The Coastal Hot List Top Ten Places To Go In 2013

February 2013

The recent renovation of the private-island resort Petit St. Vincent is also making waves as a tony take on a Robinson Crusoe-esque getaway (no Wi-Fi, no TV's), with 22 sprawling stone villas and cottages and an idyllic beach bar.

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