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Private-Island Paradise

Spring 2009 3 exclusive escapes in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
Petit St. Vincent. To truly escape, opt for this posh hideaway, where you never have to see another guest if you don't want to. Across the island's 113 acres, find countless nooks and crannies in which to disappear, from beach alcoves equipped with hammocks to a lantern-lit pier perfect for dinner à deax. Download full pdf article (145KB)...

Aspen Magazine

Sun, Sea, Seclusion

Midwinter 2009

Kick off your shoes, turn off your brain, down a lime daiquiri, and slip into full Caribbean seclusion mode. Janet O'Grady discovers the pleasures of a private island called Petit St.Vincent.

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The Private Island

March 2009 Once upon a time...

Renting an actual island, though, can cost upwards of $20,000 a night. What's an imaginative but practical bride to do? Book a week at a private island resort, such as Petit St. Vincent, a 113-acre isle that's home to a mere 22 cottages and long stretches of empty beaches. Download full pdf article (158KB)...


Be Here Now: Petit St. Vincent

January / February 2009 When privacy is and isn't a red flag.

As we walk along the private pathway to our mini-chateau on Petit St. Vincent near Union Island in the Grenadines, two doves float down from arching branches. They crisscross in front of us like animated birds in a Disney movie—you know the ones: those plump little bluebirds that flutter above a prince and princess as they kiss. The only thing missing is a lilting musical score—heavy on the violins.

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